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De 99 presenteert: De Stadseconomie van de Toekomst

Van maandag 17 t/m donderdag 27 mei presenteert De 99 van Amsterdam een programma-reeks over de stadseconomie van de toekomst. Het programma... Read more

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The caring economy

Citizen collectives and commons in Amsterdam … Billions of hours in unpaid care work keep the economy going, but are not integrated into our... Read more

Power and inequality: is tech neutral?

By Sanne Stevens, in collaboration with Commons Network

One could argue that institutions in the Netherlands seem heavily focused on hunting ... Read more

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  • Mon 10 May 12:00
An economic transformation that promotes human flourishing for all on a thriving planet is urgently needed. Doughnut Economics is an impo...
  • Wed 12 May 17:00
Deze online meeting gaat over het gebruik van een 'City ID' card, een soort stadspaspoort, en wat dat kan betekenen voor ongedocumenteerd...
  • Thu 13 May 12:00
Digitale Moed is een verkenning van de invloed van digitale infrastructuur en de platform-economie op de stad. Wat is de schade - en hoe ...
  • Sun 16 May 15:00
While emissions keep on rising, party-politics are failing us in addressing the climate- and ecological crises and other systemic struggl...
  • Sun 16 May 20:00
“You have to act as if it were possible to transform the world, and you have to do it all the time” - Angela Davis The climate crisis, di...
  • Mon 17 May 16:00
How do young people look at the future of this city?We commence this special series of programmes about the Future City Economy with an e...

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